Scientific article “Essence of Accompanying Information Flows”

Опубликовано 26.04.2014 Articles

FullSizeRenderThis article is written in Russian by Alina Merzliak, PhD. Article “Essence of Accompanying Information Flows” was published in the collection of reports of the XIII International Scientific and Practical Conference “Logistics: Modern Development Trends”, held in Saint Petersburg 24-25 April 2014. (more…)


Scientific article “Derivative Information Flows Management”

Опубликовано 12.12.2013 Articles

FullSizeRender (1)Article “Derivative Information Flows Management” is written in Russian by Alina Merzliak, PhD. This article was published in 2013 in the collection of reports of the Eurasian Scientific Forum, held in Saint Petersburg 22-23 November 2012.

From the article annotation:

This article presents results of the research of the logistic flows structure (material, financial and information) in regards to their information component. The definition and essence characteristics of derivative information flows along with their correspondence with independent and related (accompanying) information flows are given. Ways of logistics management improvement based on derivative information flows are suggested.