Textbook “Business Processes Automation in Logistics”

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Обложка учебника АБПЛ

Theory and practice of logistics and SCM, modern IS

Book adopted by Russian Ministry of Education and published in one of the biggest Russia’s publishing houses is written in Russian by Alina Merzliak, PhD (look biography) together with Oracle Corporation ERP Sales Consulting Manager for Russia and CIS Elena Koskur-Ogly and Dr. Prof. Vladimir V. Sherbakov. (more…)


Scientific article “Derivative Information Flows Management”

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FullSizeRender (1)Article “Derivative Information Flows Management” is written in Russian by Alina Merzliak, PhD. This article was published in 2013 in the collection of reports of the Eurasian Scientific Forum, held in Saint Petersburg 22-23 November 2012.

From the article annotation:

This article presents results of the research of the logistic flows structure (material, financial and information) in regards to their information component. The definition and essence characteristics of derivative information flows along with their correspondence with independent and related (accompanying) information flows are given. Ways of logistics management improvement based on derivative information flows are suggested.



Scientific article “Logistics Business Processes Automation based on Customer-Oriented Model of Value Chain”

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Cover of the collection of reports

This article is written in Russian by Alina Merzliak, PhD. The article was published in the collection of reports of the St. Petersburg State University of Economics Conference “Information Technology in Business”, held in UNECON 19-20 June 2013 .

From the article annotation:

In this article main reference models of companies’ and supply chains’ business processes are reviewed and customer-oriented model of value chain based on logistics principles is proposed. The author has created general model of logistics system management automation in regard to taking customer-oriented approach on each stage of the value chain. Based on the suggested approach the scheme of Supply Chain Management automation is developed. (more…)


Scientific book “Information Basis of Logistic Management”

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New logistics paradigm

Scientific book is written in Russian by Alina Merzliak, PhD (look biography) together with Oracle Corporation ERP Sales Consulting Manager for Russia and CIS (at the moment of writing:  Senior Consultant) Elena Koskur-Ogly.

From the book description:

This scientific study provides authors’ view of logistics, logistics management, Supply Chain Management (SCM) and correlation between these definitions.

From authors:

Our aim was to write a scientific book on logistics management essence. Language and the whole style of the book is quite academic.  Along with that in order to make the texts more reader-friendly we provided each definition with a mark and illustrated the main concepts with a number of pictures. (more…)